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Stellenbosch Steelworks started in 2000. We specialise in steel engineering works , landscaping and irrigation. 

We have 3 divisions namely, Irrigation, Landscaping and Steelwork, working in and around Stellenbosch ±30km radius, we do any size work big of small.

A team of 3 guys for the Steelwork, team of 4 – 6 guys for the Irrigation and a team of 4 – 6 guys fir the Landscaping. With 15years experience, we can handle most projects, on the farm, office and around the house.

We are a proudly Stellenbosch based company situated in the Plankenbrug Industrial area. 




Stellenbosch I Bester Staal CL   I Bester Staal  I Bester Staal CL Steel  Stellenbosch 

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