We build and repair anything with steel and rough wood combinations.
Big or small we can handle up to 3 ton in our 260m² workshop, any steel design we can build it, sprayed, galvanized, epoxy coated as you prefer. Josef the man behind the Steelwork team with ±25years experience can help you with most projects


Photo Gallery

20151209084624-975.jpg IMG20160129WA005-108.jpg IMG20160129WA010-4290.jpg IMG20160129WA013-2227.jpg IMG20160225WA005-364.jpg IMG20160225WA007-849.jpg SEKURITEITS HEK-3819.jpg IMG20160129WA004-2910.jpg mIMG20160225WA004-1340.jpg mIMG2016030200852-1228.jpg mIMG2016030400868-608.jpg mIMG20160304WA008-4451.jpg mIMG20160304WA005-1745.jpg mIMG20160129WA006-3083.jpg IMG20160129WA009-1615.jpg IMG20160225WA000-3492.jpg


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